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Thread: Bass Stacks

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    That's my super genius lighting for you

    Thank you for doing the do.
    I popped back to tidy up
    artisan fidelity garrard 301 statement / ikeda it407 / vdh colibri xgw
    kodo the beat
    wavac prt1
    boulder 2060, 1008
    focal stella utopia em3
    four velodyne dd18+ in stereo bass stacks
    yba cd1 delta 3box
    artesania esoteric
    entreq atlantis interconnects
    entreq olympus tellus
    dedicated mains straps for all components
    two vicoustic victotem behind speakers

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    Same here.
    All the Very Best, - Bob --------- "And it stoned me to my soul" - Van Morrison --------- AudiophileAudition

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