I have in a $699 Nordost Heimdall II 3 foot Ethernet cable. Testing with a $4000 network media streamer capable of 32/384 PCM, MQA, DSD, Da' Werks. Doing it with a streamer so there isn't a ton of interconnected equipment. It's NAS to switch, switch to streamer, streamer to the rest of the system.

After three days of living with it there isn't a scintilla of difference either subjectively or objectively for me. So I did some testing and capture.

I went from XLR out on this unit into a RME FireFace UFX (shout out to my friend Ash for letting me borrow this) to record output of the streamer. Additionally output was also taken of the 315 foot CAT 5E cable that I terminated ($0.30/foot). For added measure and to give the Nordost every possible chance:

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Yes, while the track was captured on the 315 footer I had it underneath a running microwave Here is a link to a 24/192 2L file. It contains the original download from 2L and each track is labeled for what Ethernet cable it was captured on.