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Thread: Another ground boxes' competitor ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
    Yup, as long as V=IR holds true reducing R in the context of grounding reduces V. It's pretty simple yet few seem to get it.

    The 16g round wire is one of the worst possible choices for a ground wire. It would be far better if it were both lower gauge and made of a litz wire or braided strap.

    I'd bet carbon and piezo minerals are in the box like the others.

    These high priced grounding boxes are ridiculous, I need to make my own and sell them for reasonable prices like my cables. And they will have proper ground cables.
    Agree. DO IT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by microstrip View Post
    Perhaps. But as some of the best sounding single ended equipment I have listened to uses insulator rings in the RCA's, I am happy that great audio designers have bad ideas!
    I'm glad that you have has good luck with potentially poorly designed equipment.
    But I still wouldn't connect an insulated RCA jack to an AC power Safety Ground.
    The check for poor designs is the John Windt 'Hummer Tester'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marty View Post
    Agree. DO IT!
    Maybe once I get the speaker done!

    I also have amp and preamp designs, I need to make clones of myself...
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