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Thread: Another ground boxes' competitor ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
    Yup, as long as V=IR holds true reducing R in the context of grounding reduces V. It's pretty simple yet few seem to get it.

    The 16g round wire is one of the worst possible choices for a ground wire. It would be far better if it were both lower gauge and made of a litz wire or braided strap.

    I'd bet carbon and piezo minerals are in the box like the others.

    These high priced grounding boxes are ridiculous, I need to make my own and sell them for reasonable prices like my cables. And they will have proper ground cables.
    Agree. DO IT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by microstrip View Post
    Perhaps. But as some of the best sounding single ended equipment I have listened to uses insulator rings in the RCA's, I am happy that great audio designers have bad ideas!
    I'm glad that you have has good luck with potentially poorly designed equipment.
    But I still wouldn't connect an insulated RCA jack to an AC power Safety Ground.
    The check for poor designs is the John Windt 'Hummer Tester'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marty View Post
    Agree. DO IT!
    Maybe once I get the speaker done!

    I also have amp and preamp designs, I need to make clones of myself...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cellcbern View Post
    Haven't tried any of the ground boxes (Entreq, Tripoint, etc.) because of the high cost. However I realized a lowering of my system's noise floor by connecting one of Gutwire's "Perfect Ground" cables between an unused rca input on my modified Pathos TT RR and an unused wall socket.
    Try an SR Ground Block. Much less expensive than Entreq and it was very effective in my system.
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