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Thread: Have you heard the new WAMM? Any good?

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    Bump! Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryProtein View Post
    For that kind of timing (2 microseconds stated in the video), by definition and by virtue of the exact placements for timing of all the drivers, you must have your head in a vise.

    This is the threshold for summing localisation, in fact all stereophony uses this effect, so the large speaker will sound like one driver from one location

    what we are i believe talking about here is a dirac impulse of one speaker which is very large summing within the 2 micro sec

    Given sound travels 0.000686 metres at 20C in 2 microsecond

    The question is how far must you move your head for this effect to dissipate

    Given a 2 metre tall speaker at 3 metres, the threshold is 50 microsecond for speech and 100 microsecond for Music

    So 50/2 x 3/2x 0.000686 metres = 30 centimetres or 1 foot, and up to 2 feet or 60cm for pure Music...

    Not exactly a vise!

    If the true cone driver centres greatest distance apart is more like 1.5 meters:
    would be 40cm and 80cm respectively
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