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Thread: atria1 vs sabrina

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    atria1 vs sabrina

    I am considering both speakers. Hard to do a direct comparison (either in my purpose built dedicated 12 x 17 listening room or at a dealer, only 1 dealer in the country has both). Prices are similar because atria1 is being replaced. Opinions? I would be upgrading from Avalon Ascendant 1.

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    Musher, not the answer you are looking for but if I were to spend that amount of money on speakers IŽd make the effort to go and visit that dealer that has both, your ears are what counts.

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    decided on the Atrias, they ship soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by musher View Post
    decided on the Atrias, they ship soon
    Great choice....give them some room to breathe and you will be rewarded!

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    How do you like your Atrias? I have had mine for about a month. It would be great comparing notes with you.

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    Good idea, but I can't contribute yet. They arrive within a week, but due to schedules will not get installed until July.
    All I'm doing right now is breaking in an Aurender a10. Nice piece, I am impressed.
    I am crating up my old Avalon Ascendants shortly, and trying to sell them.

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