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Thread: Oppo's newest BD player

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark (Basspig) Weiss View Post
    Show me an Oppo that can produce an actual square wave on it's output with a square wave test signal and I'll be more inclined to buy their hype. My BDP83 performs just as poorly as my 1983-vintage Technics SL-P8 in terms of DAC post filter ringing. If it overshoots on square waves and rings for several cycles, how can it accurately represent the recorded material?
    Not sure what's accurate ! But they surely did something right with the 95 Playback via it's usb input is tremendous and was very unexpected! (RR) Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances From Hd Tracks 96/24 left me speechless. 2 channel DSD sacd playback is of reference caliber and the same for redbook. Multi-channel is breath taking, plus it plays movies better than any current player on the market . it really must be heard to believe was possible for a mere grand! As it could sell for triple its asking price and be worth every penny!

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    Shhhhhhhhh.....enough people say that and they might really raise the price!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackD201 View Post
    Shhhhhhhhh.....enough people say that and they might really raise the price!

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