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hello Ron, you don't mention it explicitally so I thought I would do so for the following: the use of helmholtz resonators that have no absorber inside (like SMT), work effectively narrow band attacking the problematic frequency at once (if tuned for it properly) WITHOUT losing its energy!

Quite a few brands market helmholtz resonators but normally they are stuffed with absorbant material, to increase the effective domain in which this resonator is active but as such greatly reducing their efficiency + they reinject much less the energy into the room, thus creating an overall reduction in SPL in the bass region wherein they are effective.

IF the latter were desired, then this can easily be done with the SMT varitunes as well by just putting sheets of absorber inside but it is not recommended doing so. But you have the choice, which is great.
Hello Flyer,

Thank you for your comments. I'll confess that during my more compulsive moment, of which there are many, I will add a limited amount of absorptive material to a Varitune Resonator to lower the Q when a broader resonant peak is measured. I don't often find this to be necessary, but agree that is useful to have the ability to lower the Q when it's useful.

Thanks again for mentioning this issue.