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Thread: Tweaks for your body!!!

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    Tweaks for your body!!!

    Who says tweaks are just for audio? Folks sell the exact same thing to improve your wellbeing:

    And he ain't the only one:

    But wait..... Is it real or is it Memorex?

    A friend got taken for good bit of money from a practitioner before realizing it is a hoax....

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    very interesting. I see everyone wearing those stupid things now from professional athletes to the average Joe. Heck IIRC, our fellow member JackD201 was wearing one when he visited me several weeks ago
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    Thanks to the Power Balance I can do triple axles on balance beams wearing rollerblades!


    Seriously, it's just rubber jewelry. I think kids call it "accessorizing" these days.

    This kind of stuff is really big in japan. Check out the company called Phiten. They've even got an entire hotel with magnets everywhere I've been told. Then there's the magnetized water thingamajig that supposedly keeps you from getting hungover if you drink two glasses of the stuff before going to bed. Ha! That one is probably the most hilarious!!!!!

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    BTW, the last few minutes of the Fraud video is interesting and somewhat related to our core debate technique. The expert is asked about all the people selling these devices and whether they are fraud. She explains that they seem to believe in abilities of this device so much so that unconsciously practice the method that fools the user. Indeed, the guy in the second video looks anything but a crook. But clearly cheats as shown in the video.

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    Hmmm.....interesting topic! I should ask my girlfriend what she has up her sleeve for when she comes over next time. OTOH....I think not....I like to be surprised! LOL!

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