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Thread: Will it be damaged if I do this to the car audio system?

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    Will it be damaged if I do this to the car audio system?

    I was given a car audio system consisting of 2x12'' subs, 2x400W max amps and 2 6x9'' speakers. It is too loud for my ute so I've set it up as an e-kit amp (drums) in my garage.
    It's currently operating on a 12v, 20A switchmode, but the switchmode is crerating crackle in the speakers.

    I'm about to buy a new battery for the ute so I was thinking- should I hook up the system to my old car battery, and leave it trickle charging?
    My concern is: will the trickle charger be damaged by overcurrent when starting the amp every day? It has a 1 farad cap connected across the supply also. And the amps have 40A fuses. I'd like to leave it on charge while playing as I dont think the battery will last more than an hour or so (it's 5 yrs old).

    Is this a good idea? I figured I'd need a transformer nearly as bulky as the battery anyway, plus the old battery is free.

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    Shouldn't be a problem. The trickle charger will put out what it can and it should not be damaged. If it does get damaged, they are so cheap to buy another anyway.

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    The trickle charger won't keep up with the demand so it'll eventually drain the battery which isn't ideal, car batteries are not designed to be discharged much unless they are "deep cycle". But if you're not using the system for long it could be fine.

    IMO, you're better off purchasing a quality used linear 12V supply off ebay, but it would have to be large so not cheap. You might be better off just selling the car system and getting a cheap receiver or pro amp for the garage. The Crown XLS amps are surprisingly good, cheap, and have built in 24 dB/oct xos. The previous gen XLS1500 should be nearly free by now on ebay. They aren't the last word on refinement, but for bass/subs they are excellent and the treble is much better than most might think if used high pass or full range.
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