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Thread: Taking a sagacious walk into the Wilson family From many years of ESL life

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    OK after a long night of listening to the Sophia on average amps and pre amps that are not thought to be soft yet not harsh, I cant attest that the Sophia will reside in my room in a week.. They are so forgiving and throw a wonder full deep wide stage and the tweeters never barked at me at all.. We switched sources and cables and you really can tune this speaker easily.. I am looking forward to joining the Wilson family after long term ESL use.. I got to adjust them in a room that was size like mine and they shined with their purple vengeance with amazing sounds.. They are a deep black purple that is stunning..

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    I'm really looking forward to hearing the Alexx at Axpona (with dCS and D'Agostino electronics!).

    I haven't heard a Wilson since I owned the Alexia a few years ago. Curious as to what progress they've made addressing flaws of earlier models.
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    I heard them at a dealer here with Progression Mono blocks.. Yes they sounded good but I think the room was a tad small and caused the mid bass to over power it. Not to mention I had to tell the sales cat to turn off the twin Thor's .. It was the highest stage I ever heard .. I would have liked the stage a tad lower .

    Again its personal set up and rooms ! Ill be there listening to the Magico that I have yet to hear any..

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