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Thread: Audessy adding timbre on 2 channel playback

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    Audessy adding timbre on 2 channel playback

    Been adjusting my Cinema for some days now. And found that audessy adds a whole lot of timbre ( dont know if that is the corect Word) to the sound.

    Look at this impulse plot.

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    Why dose audessy do that.
    The Pink is with my Cinema reciver hooked up to my marantz pm11s3. Used as power amplifier.

    The green is with marantz pm11s3 used as an integrated amplifier.

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    It looks like the levels are not matched. Hard to see beyond that into "timbre", meaning frequency response differences. Yes, Audyssey will change the frequency response when engaged. That is what it is supposed to do in order to fix the room's uncorrected frequency response.

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    Will post the frequenzy plots later. Think I have them on my computer.

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