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Thread: Does everything in Munich sound like Magico/ Spectral? Anything tonally rich or not European taste?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFloyd View Post
    Valin loves AR. I can't say whether Valin has any ulterior motives but my impressions of CAT align with his. That is not to say it's not great stuff - I own and love my CAT JL7s and have yet to hear a better amp in my system, but it is a little dark sounding to my ears (as opposed to open and airy).
    Ian, I am not quite sure what you mean. When I recently heard your system again, I found your CAT JL7 amps (and the CAT preamp) very open and airy sounding, and not dark at all; sound overall was fantastic. The CAT phono stage did sound dark and closed-in, and perhaps Davey has a point -- something may not be quite right with it. It's out of character with the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by microstrip View Post
    Wilson Audio - an unique way in large orchestral music. Humanization of the realistic of the microdetail of human voice, making it more lifelike. Music that needs great soundstage depth layering - such as chamber music. A permanent waltz, as a good friend says. Shows the inside of classic music. Perfect for night-club atmospheric recordings or opera.

    Magico - great playing live amplified music, that has different dynamics than acoustical music. The speaker to listen to Pat Metheny "One Quiet Night". Loves the type of music usually played in stadiums and similar places, that can sound great but I do not listen in my system. Welcomes rock guitars and drums. People who play instruments seem to like them. Analog freaks seem to love them as they are great listening tools for turntable tweaking.

    Sonus Faber - sopranos and strings, surely. Loves AliaVox recordings. Forget and listen. The Aida was in different league of the brand (here represented by the Homage models) , perhaps halfway between the Wilson's and the Magico's, having an almost "electrostatic" balance, but excellent dynamics.

    Disclaimer - short and incomplete opinions extremely influenced by the speakers/systems I have owned, my preferences and my friends systems. In my country these brands are all distributed by the same company, I often listen to them in the same large room.
    Dear micro strip,

    I owned speakers from all these companies (Q3, Alexia, Sasha, Sophia 3, Guarnieri Memento etc.).

    You summed it all up very very very accurately. Bravo.

    Having totally different approaches to music reproduction, I love both Wilson and Magico speakers.

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    It may be true for the Q series. But all Q series speakers sound very different to the current S series or M3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BruceD View Post
    Sir, i have NOT disclosed which of the three I favour with slight disdain--so your observation is purely your opinion--and it could be wrong

    Never judge a book /etc/etc

    I do agree Peter A's System is an absolute pristine example of dedication to the craft--Kudo's to him!

    Thank you Bruce. Some might argue that it is just a book with a pretty cover, my system has entered a phase where I am sweating the small stuff, working on the unseen details, so to speak, for steady and incremental improvements. With relatively neutral and transparent gear, these are the things that can add up over time to make a considerable difference.

    I have never been to the Munich show, so who knows whether all those systems, including my Magico system, sound alike? But, I tend to doubt it.
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