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Thread: What amplifiers work best with Rockports? What have you heard?

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    I've heard Rockports on BAT (tube and SS) and Vitus at Newport for many years (member here cakeaudio does a great setup) as well as the Cygnus on Boulder at this year's RMAF. BAT SS was my favorite setup between these options and an easy recommendation.

    Ironic that Andy uses Gryphon which of course isn't distributed here? Or does he sell it direct.

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    I agree Cake Audio does a great set-up.

    I know that there are no direct sales of Gryphon products in the USA.
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    I use a Boulder 2060 to drive a pair of Rockport Aquila. Its an exceptionally good match.

    I was told that Andy Payor recently switched to Boulder amplification.
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    I ran my Rockies with Jadis JA100 Monos--smooth non fatiguing sound--Ok bass--little syrupy possibly but enjoyable--

    lacked real grunt when demanded but Aprt living precluded any lease breaking episodes

    Wish I could recommend fully the Jadis gears but after Power Transformer failures and having to change out blown R150 Resistors across the Tubes

    with heavy heart ,inspite of the sublime smoothness---I'm afraid the answer is no


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    I would imagine Payor gets all manner of high end amplifiers to try out. I don't think stating a specific preference would serve him well in general. If I manufactured speakers, I wouldn't endorse a particular amp but would display them with as many different amps as possible as long as the amps were generally suitable to the speakers' power and impedance requirements.
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    To add to the mix, I heard he uses Doshi 180 mono's.
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    I use Nagra HD monos with Aviors. In my smaller room, I don't feel I'm missing much.

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    Two SS amps I like are Wells Audio, which has a nice tube sound, and Merrill Audio which is very fast and detailed. The only other SS amps that challenge these are D'Agostino.

    If you want tube, go with single-tube output SET, like the Arte Forma. 30W DC-coupled monoblocks, so no caps in the signal path. Great iron too. Just needs the right tubes, and I can help with selecting these.

    Steve N.
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    My Aviors sing beautifully with my pair of 150wpc SET amps
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackD201 View Post
    In HK Rockport shows with VTL. Great sound every time.
    Probably because they are distributed by the same company...

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