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Thread: AudioFlea, Your New HiFi Marketplace is Here!

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    To make things one step easier (it's what we're all about!) anyone from Whats Best Forum who wants to receive the free listing period, just write "Give me free listings" on this thread and your AudioFlea username and we'll switch your account to free! No more having to email us, easy peasy!

    Have a great weekend all!
    Carolyn Pereira
    HiFi Classifieds, Reinvented

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    Give me free listings


    Thank you Carolyn
    I am an audio dealer carrying Vivid, Dartzeel, MIT, YG, Evolution Acoustics, Audionet, Mola Mola, Kimber, Elrod, Kii Speakers, Artesania, Merging NADAC, HRS, Endeavor Audio, Analysis Plus, Parasound, KEF and much more fine audio gear.

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