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Thread: My Magico M3s have just arrived

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    I also can add or remove the pin (or MPods themselves) by myself on my M-Pros. You figure out ways...
    Speakers: Magico M-Project w/MPods Amplification: CAT JL7s (preamp and phono TBD)
    Analog: Kronos Pro Limited Edition / Black Beauty tonearm / Zyx Universe Premium, Ortofon A95
    Digital: Roon / dCS Vivaldi DAC/Upsampler
    Cables/Power: Kubala Sosna cables / Shunyata Denali 6000T, Sigma Zitron PC's / Furutech outlets
    Misc: Steve Blinn Designs rack & amp stands

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    Thanks for the info. GOOD to know.

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