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Thread: TW Raven 10.5 vs Kuzma 4point

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    TW Raven 10.5 vs Kuzma 4point

    Currently have the Raven 10.5 on my TW Raven GT.
    The 4point looks impressive and gets a lot of good votes, the question is, will it be an upgrade or a side move from the Raven 10.5?
    Would love to hear your experiences.

    If you have different recommendations for an arm in the up to $7000 price range feel free to add your impressions.


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    I have a Thales Simplicity II on my TW Raven AC-3. Blows my Graham Phantom out of the water. I love it.

    My dealer carries both Thales and Kuzma - the Thales is the more neutral sounding tonearm. You also get as close to zero tracking error across the record.

    have fun.
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    I've heard both the Thales and Kuzma Arms above--I am in agreement with XV-1 the Thales is super clean and detailed with the K 4 Point more robust and fuller sounding--both excellent choices

    you pick your poison, plus cartridge choice and compatibility with either arm should also be your determining factor in selection.

    We both come to the conclusion that either arm is far superior to the Graham XV-1 mentions.

    Good Listening,


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    The Simplicity is above my budget, costing ~$9-9.5K.
    Any of you auditioned the Raven 10.5?

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    Not in my own system--I have a friend with the Raven Arm TW TT setup--sounds good--but I'd venture to say the 4point is better with its Vernier Adjustments for VTA/SRA/ Azimuth/etc an absolute breeze to bring it's performance to SOTA.

    I've owned the latter.


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    Another to add to the list is a Spiral Groove Centroid. I've owned 3 arms on my current table. Triplan, Schroeder LT and the Centroid.

    The Centroid is super quiet, best bass texture power of these 3 and just super all around. I've used a Lyra Atlas, Allaerts and Goldfinger Statement so a plays well with diff cartridges.
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    Acoustical Systems Aquilar ok 7500€ a lot better as TW or Kuzma.
    The Blackness of the Backround in Music is crazy..
    It is the Best Bass Definition i ever hear...

    p.S too much Money for me..
    Best Regards,
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