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Thread: Good, fresh, modern classical?

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    Here's another guy in the Nils Frahm wave - very state of trance-like piano. new agish I guess could be another descriptor

    Otto Totland

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    After all these years this is still fresh to me.
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    Has anyone mentioned Thomas Ades yet?

    I am new to his music, but so far I've been quite impressed.

    Another new discovery for me is Augusta Reed Thomas. Almost everything I've heard so far is very good. The recording of EOS: Goddess of Dawn, is on Reference Recordings, so the quality is excellent.

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    I was hoping to see a bit more action on this thread.

    Seems to me, that classical music is thought by too many people to be a 'museum piece', instead of the progressing art form that it actually is.

    One of the problems, as I see it from my experience posting on the forums, is that the majority of classical listeners seem to have been so turned off by serialism and 12 tone, that they have painted all late 20th century and contemporary classical music thereafter with the same broad brush.

    It is really too bad, because there are some truly talented modern composers, while their music may still not be as easy to listen to as the classical warehorse (Beethoven Mozart, Bach, Mahler, et al), they are still not as 'thorny' as Berg, Schoenberg, Webern.

    Oh well, I'll still post here from time to time...

    Recently I discovered the contemporary ensemble, Eighth Blackbird. Really talented group of musicians, playing members' and other contemporary composers pieces.

    Let me also add, that the recording is audiophile quality. It is on the Cedille Records label, who I haven''t previously heard of. The soundstage and imaging are really impressive.

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