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Thread: Air Tight Opus 1 arrived

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    you guys aware that MSL and AT carts are the same manufacture yes?
    their is a zero chance anyone can buy a "AIR TIGHT" carts in Japan. only MSL.

    now even more so, when the MSL master
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    stopped building their cart's and moved his designs and manufacture to PLATANUS.
    Platanus is now one of the most important Japanese cart builders...
    Tetsuya Sukehiro and Osamu Nagao

    Testsuya san is the youngest of the two. and he is actually build the Cart's.
    he was previously builded the Ikeda cart line...
    and now with his own "brand" platanus cart (its actually Miyabi fuuga) build MSL + AIRTIGHT and others brands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gian60 View Post
    Hi Ked,Tang can also buy a mc trans to use with ZYX instead to buy CH
    I probably have to buy one and need your advise.


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    For experience mine and my friend is better use the same brand
    Koetsu with koetsu,Atlas with erodion
    MSL with MSL
    For Zyx I have no experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    Obviously, Gian and I are not twins, but what he said is nothing short of what I think on these carts. We both have almost similar carts and pretty much hear the same characteristics. I said a few times that my Kronos/SAT/Opus with good jazz vocal records sound close to or sometime better than tape. Most people probably say that is bullshit. But I hear what I hear. This is why I want to improve the sound from my Studer. I think tape should sound better than tt in bigger margin than this.

    To answer Ron’s question. Yes, I prefer the Opus to Coralstone.

    Tape sound quality is variable, just like vinyl sound quality. I have only heard R2R tape a few times directly compared to vinyl in the same system. I have no difficulty believing that a top vinyl source can sound as good or better than some tape sources.
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    Quick Question - I am considering an Air Tight Opus-1, but cannot find any cartridge loading info on the net or various sites. My ARC - Ref Phone 2se has loading capabilities of 50,100, 200, 400, 1000, 2500 and 47K ohms. The impedance of the Opus is 1.4 ohms.

    For those who have listened or own an Air Tight Opus-1 cart, what to do prefer to load it at with your phone pre?

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