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Thread: Kuzma Stabi XL DC vs TechDAS Air Force III

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    Quote Originally Posted by caesar View Post
    Congrats! What a system! When are you expecting the speakers and the amps?

    P.S. If I ever get down to the Porsche driving school in your neck of the woods, I may send you a PM and invite myself over.

    Hi Caesar. The speakers arrived and are in their crates in my garage. I'll be setting them up this coming Thursday after a crew of guys helps haul them up a flight of stairs. Amps are coming soon. They are built but Ken Stevens (founder/owner of CAT) is personally listening to every tube to pick the best ones; there are 32 kt120's! Glad to have you stop by if you're ever in the area. I'm a big Porsche guy myself and love cars just about as much as stereo gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gian60 View Post
    Dear Ted and Jack,
    i am also very interesting to buy AF3 because i need a turntable with 3/4 arms because i have many cartridges and i like a lot AF3
    For now i cannot buy AF1 and AF2,even if i read the sound is very good and much better than AF3,i don't like the look.

    But i am dubious because if you spend a lot of money for AF3 plus 3/4 arms and then you have a turntable good but not as good like AF2 or Kronos or old Micro 8000,
    so i don't know hoe to do

    So really is much worse than Kronos and AF2?

    Hello Gian,

    If I were you I would hold my breath and get the AF1 and be done with.
    Looking at your history of gears, you werent holding back in other equipments.
    The drawbacks of a Kronos is 1) only one arm 2) fit and finish is no where near Techdas AF1 (I have never seen the AF2 and 3 in real). I told Louis Desjadin that he should make one that can do two arms. And he said back to me to buy two blk beauty arms with different carts instead.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Tang,
    I had a lot of very good system in the past 40 years but what i have now is absolutely the best,for me, i had in all my life and i am very very happy with it.

    I listen only vinyl and some tape and i always had many cartridges because really changing cartridge you change the sound of your system.
    Around 12 years ago i had more than 30 cartridges,all the top in every brand.
    Now i have a Bergmann Sindre,very good for his price and Thorens/Swissonor TD 124 and good cartridge like GFS,Air tight Opus 1.Coralstone Diamond,Colibri XGP,Ortofon SPU A95 and Synergy,Audio tekne,AT Mono,
    and i would like to buy in future other 5/6 top cartridges.
    I would like AF3 with 4 arms and i am planning to buy a Torqueo turntable with top Saec arm.

    I like a lot also Kronos,but i am friend with italian distributor of Techdas that can do good price to me

    My dream AF1 could be before end of next year


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    Dear Jack,
    the problem here is that all would like AF3 for his beauty,price,possibility to have 4 arms,but with the sound like AF1
    So how to do?


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    I used to use a TW AC-3 and had 4 arms on that. With AF1 I just bought extra wands for my Elite. Not very instant gratification but it helped me a lot. I don't think it is possible to really have a 3 sound like the 1.

    Another thing I did was order extra front mount arm mounts. Be removing just four screws I can easily switch between my pre-aligned, Kuzma, Graham and SAT. The rear mount is more difficult because I do not have easy access to the rear of my rack.
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