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Thread: LPS-1 measurement 'problem'

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkeny View Post
    So it was the Uptone cable seen in the photograph that you used. How did you attach a resistor to the end barrel plug? Got a pic of your setup?
    I attached the end of the dc connector plug on a male plug (attached/soldered on a resistor). Measured with the probe as indicated in the image.
    Planning to make a load device where the output is connected by bnc to my analyzer where i can select different loads.

    Yes, I agree but if you had first measured the device without cable, from it's direct output, you would have answered your initial question - "is it my LPS-1 or my measurement technique that is faulty ?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by amirm View Post
    Did you pay attention to which device he is measuring? This is from their web site:

    "2) 100% galvanic isolation from the AC mains at all times. While one bank of ultracapacitors is supplying output, the other bank is charging. The output is never connected to the bank that is recharging, and the sophisticated design ensures silent and smooth transitioning from one bank to the other."

    100% means zero connection to mains input and its AC waveform. This is a bank switching supercapacitor module. It is supposed to act like a battery, not a mains power supply as you are imagining.
    Yes, I read. And saw the pictures. But I am not sure that the banks do not switch synchronously with the mains. And 100% galvanic isolation in a power supply is just marketing.
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