I have a Krell Vanguard integrated amp (no DAC) bought ex-display, from a Krell official dealer, last autumn, with a full importer's warranty. It replaced an older Krell KAV-300iL. Whereas I am delighted with it, as I have been with all the Krell equipment I have bought over the years, it has one odd quirk/fault. Occasionally, I would estimate about once or twice a month, when I come to switch it back to live, from being on stand-by overnight, either with the remote or the button on the front of the unit, nothing happens and the red stand-by indication does not change to blue. You can cure this by turning off at the power switch on the rear of the unit, which fortunately is accessible on my system, leaving it off for about a minute then switching on again. The unit searches for and finds its IP address but stays in stand-by. However, now it will turn on properly with either the remote or the front power button. I wondered if the unit was very sensitive to voltage changes, whilst in stand-by. In that we are at the end of a mile long 11kV power supply with our own mini substation reducing the voltage to 230V for the three houses on our farm (each house gets one phase from the transformer), voltage stability may not be always quite what it should be.

Are any other Vanguard owners having this problem? Is it worth going through the heave of returning it to Absolute Sounds for service, especially as the dealer I bought it from, never got round to sending me the box, which was in a warehouse, when I bought the unit from their London showroom. Strangely, I used to have exactly the same problem on a Quad 77, albeit only about once a year. What they have in common, is a digital control system for an analogue amplifier.