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Thread: ..check out the new 9 Ultras from VSA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violetmachan View Post
    hi jack

    that should be fun....weekend in Manila!
    ..just saw this...count me in
    Rega P3-24/Custom Plinth/Audiomods Classic arm/Clearaudio Maestro Ebony MM... Lumin S1 music server/DAC... McIntosh C500P Controller/Preamp... McIntosh MC601 monoblocks... Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversaries with Critical Mass System Rize footers... Velodyne Optimum 12 Subwoofers (2)...Cerious Graphene Extreme XLRs... Verbatim biwires... Lessloss PCs...Nordost QB8+QX4...Acoustimac Corner Bass Traps...

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    Let me know when you are visiting Manila. If I'm not traveling, I'll invite you over to hear the masterbuilt signature ic I bought from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violetmachan View Post
    that's one blissful state to be in jack.....hearing is believing !
    between Rodney and me ....we can fix anything you desire....beware of what you ask for
    for your eyes only jack that a invite for the cool blue !....may take you up on the offer
    They would look great paired with the TENORS

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