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Thread: Tekton Design Double Impact Reference Loudspeakers

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    Stay tuned because Terry London will soon be doing a review on the "Upgraded Version" of these Double Impact speakers !

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    For example: the plucked and resonating low ‘e’ note (41Hz) on a Fender Jazz bass guitar has a moving mass of 19 grams. The highest reviewed and well-regarded subwoofers of today have cones with an average of 200-300 grams of moving mass to reproduce the same low ‘e’ tone. This is the equivalent of a Formula One team showing up on race day with a special new race car that has 15,000 pounds of sand added to it! Our competitors are building subwoofers in this exact way today. A subwoofer with 300 grams of moving mass can only give you a dulled out response down to 15Hz. The laws of physics prove the subwoofer cannot be musical nor can it even begin to produce the harmonic spectra of a Fender Jazz bass guitar (or any other bass-producing musical instrument) – period.
    Sheer nonsense Last time I checked you use a bass cabinet to listen to the instrument. What is the mass of the bass cones in the cabinets?? That's what you are hearing. I use JBL E-145's which are bass speakers and damn good ones, moving mass 55 grams. You don't need a subwoofer to do 40hz. With that logic what do pipe organ bass pipes weight?? Bet you it's way more that 300 grams. Does that make the subwoofer too fast to reproduce it??

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    A upgraded SE Double Impact model will be sold at High-End Dealers for $6K to $10K a pair.

    These speakers will have much better crossover parts and wiring and posts!

    Maybe these SE Double Impacts use the best crossover parts like the all new Duelund Cast-Cu-Ag Hybrid Capacitors with all crossover parts and wiring from Duelund too!
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