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Thread: Hearing loss reversal with drug combination

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilles13 View Post
    I have a friend who speaks Chinese and uses Chinese 'médicine'. He said to me that with a cocktail of plants you can get a gain with better hearing.
    I am going to try this in May.
    Tiens-nous bien au courant de tes expériences et résultats (évaluations).

    Chinese medicine would be more my preferred method to improve my hearing. ...And much more, life's expansion related; vision, heart, etc.
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    In France it's not allowed, but in a lot of European countries it's allowed. I have had good result with liver's problem and official medicine can't do anything for me . But it's not definitive, I am obliged to take a treatment each 1.5 or 2 years.

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