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Thread: Best retail dealers in computer audio

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    Best retail dealers in computer audio

    Who (around the world) does the best job on music servers and computer audio for the high-end? Of course there's Goodwin's in the Boston area. Who else comes to mind? What are your experiences, good, bad and in-between?
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    My sense is this is still a very evolving area. There is very little agreement to what sounds best, as there are many permutations that have not sorted them out.

    I would check out the dealers with the most audiophile street cred thrughout the country and in the major cities (NY, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, etc.), and give them a call. Some may not share their secret potions but some may give you good ideas. If the store has a geek on their staff, you may be in luck.

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    Blue Smoke and Olive both sell direct, so not sure if that qualifies. Blue Smoke was included in Jeff Fritz's TWBAS at Ultra Audio.

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    I visited Olive in S.F. A few years ago. Small operation. Maybe that's to be expected, at least back then. I found their gear quite expensive relative to other solutions.

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