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Thread: best amps for vivid audio Giya G2

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    Now that Philip carries Gryphon amps, would be interesting to hear if the Diablo 300 matches well with the Vivids. Considering getting one for my G3

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    Funny that you said that; I was an Apogee guy for years and the only speaker that ever got me to change was the Giya G2.

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    best amps for vivid audio Giya G2 - Gryphon or Luxman

    Quote Originally Posted by felix01 View Post

    for a few months i have some vivid giya G2
    i am looking for nice amp what works great with them.
    Do you people have suggestions??
    i was thinking about:vitis sia 02,dartzeel cth 8550,luxman..
    My recommendation would be either the Luxman B-1000f monoblocks or the Gryphon Colosseum - both deliver that liquid Class A sound; we used the Luxman monos at the LA Audio Show to stunning success and the Gryphon has a magical mid-range and when run completely in Class A has a mid-range & bass full of gravitas. The bass is not over blown but articulate & well defined. You won't go wrong with either amp.
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