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Thread: Poly-cylindrical diffuser sound treatment

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    Poly-cylindrical diffuser sound treatment

    I'm looking to build some poly-cylindrical diffusers, and so far I have thought of two options:

    1) I have sourced some concrete forming tubes that are already cut into half cylinders.

    2) I could bend some 3mm pegboard/hardboard (or possibly plywood, not as cheap): a cheap option I thought of was to bend it by attaching wire to holes at either side and then tensioning the wire to bend the material, but in this case it would not be mounted in a frame, which I gather is desirable.

    The pre-cut concrete forming tubes seems like a quick option, since they are pre-cut and would be easy to put up around the room.

    However, I have read that a Euler-Bernoulli buckled curve, or the ability to make curvatures of different radius, is favoured over cylinder sections - is option 1 worth it if I can't have curves of different radius? But instead half-cylinders. Tempted to get the cardboard half tubes and just try them out. That is if the half cylinder is not substantially worse than an E-B curve. Do you think it's worth giving it a go?

    FYI - I am not sure of the density of the cardboard material (option 1), but they are 9mm thick and each half-tube weighs ~6kg, so they are pretty bulky things in comparison to the pegboard, the pegboard has holes in it, so not sure if that is a problem. This is my first post, so to introduce the space I am trying to treat, it is 5.5 x 3.75 x 2.2 m. It is currently treated with bass traps and broadband absorption (Rockwool) - this got rid of the flutter echo, but it is now sounding a little "dead", hence my interest in diffusers.

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    Three homes/listening rooms ago, I had a Rives designed room and he recommended poly fusers (same guy that designed Mike Lavgines room). Here is what they looked like. I had them built.

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    The size doesn't look too dissimilar - the cement tubes are 155cm x 45 cm diameter - did you have good results?

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