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Thread: Vivid's new flagship Giya G1 "Spirit" launch in Chicago 11 Feb. 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel View Post
    Obviously listening tests are not performed with the speakers placed in this position. Do you think audio reviewers are so stupid ?
    Well...I agree that listening tests shouldn't be performed with speakers placed next to each other but would question if this fact should be considered obvious.

    While there are certainly some fine reviewers out there with all their marbles in tact I've seen a few that could be considered...umm yes, stupid is a good description
    Music is the brandy of the damned - George Bernard Shaw

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    Mine have arrived .. uncrating happens today...
    Roon/Tidal ..Squeezebox touch .. DIRAC miniDSP DDRC 22 , twin Devialet D Premiers, Vivid Audio Giya G1's .. fully treated room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney Gold View Post
    Mine have arrived .. uncrating happens today...
    Waiting patiently for the photos...

    No I'm not...hurry up...

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