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16 years yields an interesting, short term perspective. Started attending CES in 1976.

Actually it was the Venetian that resuscitated a dead CES. The AP was inefficient, out of the way, and sounded like ass. Had CEA not come up with a replacement for the AP, CES would have died years ago. Again this show is about the industry, not the end user.
I agree with this - as a US manufacturer who sells worldwide, CES is important, and now more convenient and comfortable that audiophiles do not sneak into the show. It is all about spending time with our dealers and distributors. My French distributor turned up (after skipping the last 10 years) and that allowed us to catch up for an hour talking about product directions and sales and marketing plan for the next couple of years. That's invaluable.

The decline of CES is dues to the decline of the US dealer base. They don't come to CES anymore, or not enough of them exist any more. Hence, distributors and importers no longer have an incentive to be at the show.

If you look at CES from the perspective of an audiophile getting your jollys, you should be disappointed. I totally agree with metaphacts. I am more concerned with the decline of the US hifi industry.