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Thread: Cartridges for AT-LP120USBHC

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    Cartridges for AT-LP120USBHC

    Does anyone have tips about better cartridges to replace the AT95E

    I have these two so far (Shure DSH-M97XE) (Audio Technica AT440MLB)

    as I don't understand much about them, I would be glad if someone could throw me a bone.


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    Any of the higher spec ATs at440/150/120e will be better & replace the stock headshell or 2M ortofons are excellent red or blue
    or the plug & play version if you do not want to fit a cartridge ( just plugs straight in )

    Junk the platter mat & fit a 3/5mm funk achromat as well & place deck on solid surface like a rack , wall shelf or place a Ikea bamboo chopping board under the deck for some isolation

    Record weight lcan help like one AT makes to add mass to platter & flaten warps
    & remove the dust cover when playing records
    add decent phono stage & these things can sound very good indeed , kids have one my 1st direct drive !

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