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Thread: Please HELP TO CHOICE SME 20/12 OR SME 30/2

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    Question Please HELP TO CHOICE SME 20/12 OR SME 30/2

    SME 30/2 is higher level than 20/12, but only use 9 inch arm ( like SME V). SME 20/12 can use 12' SME V-12 , please help to which one this better choice? just focus on sound quality. SME 30/2 with SME V arm or SME 20/12 with SME v-12 arm. many thanks!
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    I think it really depends on how much you like the low compliance cartridge/ 12 inch arm sound. Between the two, I would generally think the 30/2 would sound better (heavier platter, dense aluminum plates vs. hard plastic plates in 20 series).

    I think the 12 inch arm/ low compliance cartridge sound is a bit more tape like. If that's what you want, the 20/12 is a no brainer.

    SME scales the sound quality of its turntables pretty proportionately with price, and that puts the 20/12 between the 20/2 and the 30/2, with the 30/12 being tops.
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    I have the 30/2 with Series V arm and Coralstone cart. I have no reason to upgrade and the vinyl rips I make are archival/tape quality!
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    Silly, but don't underestimate the importance of the arm. The 12" V is often praised as the best of the current generation of sme arms. Perhaps a Graham on the 30/2 might be the best package if you want the more compact size. I was going to go for the 20/3 and phantom iii but I switched to the Spiral groove table with the Centroid arm. Both your options are good choices.
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    Thank you all for your valuable advice!
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    Once I went to a 12" arm, I cannot go back to a 9" arm. The reduction of tracking error and inner groove distortion made a profound change in my playback.
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    Definately 30/2.

    If you then really want a true upgrade with no tracking error - you can then upgrade to a Thales Simplicity II. Thales makes a SME mount.
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    I have not heard a Model 20/12A. I like the idea of the longer arm, but I would lean toward the heavier, more solid Model 30/2A, given this choice. Have you considered a used Model 30/12A? They are hard to find, but there were a couple of used ones for sale on Audiogon a couple of years ago. I thought they were very well priced at around $20,000. They were also in great condition. If you can find another deal like one of those, I would buy it. You would then have the solidity and blackness, of the Model 30 and the incredible resolution, smoothness, and tracking ability of the 12" SME arm. Build quality and reliability are superb. There are other great tables, but a 30/12A sounds extremely good, and at that price, there is no table I'd rather own.
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    I went through SME 20 and 30, both mks 1 & 2. The 30 easily has it over the 20, though both of mine were wit the 9" arm..

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    I owned both - no comparison. The SME30 is a winner. Would not mind returning to it.
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