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Thread: Audio Research DAC 9

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    Audio Research DAC 9

    Has anyone purchased ARC's new DAC 9 yet? I know that they recently became available. It would be great to hear any owner's or auditioner's impressions of the sound quality.


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    I am waiting to hear this, the PH9 and the new pre-amp. My dealer should have soon. i need to get rid of my little trusty integrated.

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    Hello Ken,

    DAC9 is a nice sounding DAC but its Linux incompatibility with my Aurender N10 is very disappointing. I have been using AES/EBU connection and the sound is very natural and detailed. The mid-range is very engaging with lush tones (especially female vocals).

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    Pardon the shameless plug, but here's the latest DAC9 review:

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    Thanks for posting the link, great review. I got about 380 hours on mine, no regrets. Just added LS28 last week, I can hardly wait for these components to reach full burn-in.

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