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Thread: How to contact Avalon Acoustics for support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ack View Post
    Quite a few, and the sonic results have been all over the map. For example, the original Eidolon and Eidolon Diamond I never cared for - unresolving for my tastes, dark (newer versions I hear are different). The Compas that I heard last year with the 400s was nowhere near the level of performance I get at home; overall, I felt it does not compete with anything I have heard with anything from Magico or Rockport at the same price. The Radian HC was subjectively by far the best of them all, and I was craving it for some time - back then, it sounded much better with ARC tubes than Spectral. The flagship back then, the Osiris, has left me with a permanent sonic imprint in my brain, very clean and dynamic, but way too expensive and very euphonic (at least as a system); some would call that sound just beautiful. The newer top models are rumored to be exceptional speakers, like the Time, but I have not heard them. Then, another Avalon, the limited edition Mini Monitor (I think the new Mixing Monitor is meant to replace it), was just great with Spectral, but not exceptional. And unfortunately, the worst ever speaker I have ever heard was yet another Avalon, but I forget its name - a two-way Ceramic from the mid 90s; it was as bad as the Wilson WITT. This wild variation in performance is what led the local dealer to give up on Avalon in recent years, after not having sold a single pair for over 2 years.
    Quite different by my personal taste and results into my system. Eidolon is a loudspeaker very complex to positioning. I spent a lot of time to find the final result, and every time I upgrade a part of the system I have to reconsider their position.
    IMHO, unlike you I find that my Eidolon in my system is capable of playing much better than all the MAGICO's speakers I've ever heard. (M5, M6, V3, Q5...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adimon View Post
    I like this kind of discussions :-)

    Several years ago I had the opportunity to attend a recording of a combo.
    Afterwards they played the recording on Avalon setup (near the studio).
    This sounded lifelike.
    And certainly not bigger.

    "On Winston’s system, the position of Jacintha’s mouth is pin point precise; I had to open my eye several times just to make sure Jacintha isn’t right there in front of me. The beautiful and emotional vocal of Jacintha stands out from pitch black background, and I get to hear impressive details after details. I expected some normal harsh “S” ending sound throughout the song, which I found none on Winston’s system. At 2:39, the drummer starts to brush gently, along with bass and piano. It sounds absolutely warm and relaxing as it expands the sound stage from solo vocal into a well 3-dimension level. The proportion of its instrumental is in the right size; there is no exaggeration, but a pure delivery of studio-like environment. "

    SoundLabs can easily make voices sound bigger than life - but with careful set-up and ancillaries you manage to make them sound just life-size. But they do not have the pin point accuracy of XLF's or the Quad ESL63.

    In general terms, I have found that shop listening rooms privilege the spectacular sound - large scale and dynamics - I have been told that it is what sells.
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