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Thread: Spending some time last week with more UltraAnalogue Recordings. What a week.

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    I was sitting beside Ed at the back of the room, and I remember grabbing Ed's arm and looking at him in disbelief. Watching the video brings back the other-worldly sensation I felt at the time. When Tatsuki finished the caprices the audience took 15-20 seconds to begin to respond. We were stunned, I think. It took that long to realize what we had just witnessed! I think the tape will be great, and students of classical music will especially appreciate a detailed recording of this performance, not just audiophiles.

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    Recently I sourced a pair of vintage NOS WE300b (1956 with square getters) & placed them into the microphone pre-amp.... the earliest part of the signal chain to have the biggest effect on the sonic character...

    I was not prepared for what I heard.... incredible resolution of the violin highs, with utterly natural timbres & extreme soundstage depth.... after hearing just a few notes, in the Stax headphones while recording Tatsuki's Paganini Caprices... These tapes are ready & will be on the website soon... you will hear a very special performance with stunning sound to match...

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    My only regret with all of this is that alas I do not have an open reel setup although it is my favourite of all formats and I follow open reel and tape forums avidly.
    If you are based in Sydney, I can play you one of Tatsuki's earlier tape that Ed had kindly made and sent to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    pls notify me when ready...
    I'm happy to announce Tatsuki Narita's 24 Paganini Caprices (Live in Concert) tapes have been released on the website.. I will be including a Blu Ray video of the live concert for people who order all 3 reels at 1 time... You will be able to order the 3 reels separately

    Here is a Youtube link to the video of the concert....

    I will release the studio recordings of the 24 Caprices later when I have recorded another work to fill the 3rd reel....

    I'm releasing 2 versions because, the Live has an emotion & drive only a live performance can have... the studio version is more relaxed & has a more resonant soundscape...(he's facing the microphones more...) Both were recorded with the same positions for him & the mics.. In the Live version, he turned about 30 degrees to face the audience....

    One last note... these recordings are my 1st to have the vintage 1956 NOS WE300b tubes in the microphone pre-amp.... amazing resolution of violin timbres...
    All my earlier recordings had the later new production WE300b tubes in the mic-pre... no slouches
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