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Thread: Custom in-wall speaker

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    Custom in-wall speaker

    I am making a custom 3-way front speaker. The question is what do you suggest my crossover points should be and what type of crossover should I use.
    All 3 speakers are 4 ohms.
    The Tweeter is a ribbon tweeter with a RMS is 25 watts and Usable Frequency Range 1900-18kHz
    The midrange woofer has a RMS of 300 watts and Usable Frequency Range 95-9.5kHz
    The sub woofer has a RMS of 200 watts and Usable Frequency Range 10-400 hz
    I am powering it with a 575watt @ 4ohms per channel. So I need a crossover that can handle that much watts.

    I am thinking i didn't give all the information so here is more
    The cavity of the speaker is limited to about 6" deep, 15" wide and anywhere from 40 to 60" tall. These dimensions are because i want it mounted into the wall. So the woofer is 8" and is the CDT-800CF. I was going to do a sealed enclosure because from what i understand the woofer hits 0 db around 200hz if it is not ported. I am not sure what to do about the midrange which is a DS18 PRO-NEO8 8" which i hooked up in a temp system and sound good but I am thinking it is not as high quality as i wanted so i might switch them out. The tweeter is the Dayton Audio AMT3-4 Air Motion Transformer Tweeter 4 Ohm, i know it is not the best tweeter and the AMTPro-4 is better but money is not unlimited. So right now i have already into it $600 dollars for the speakers and 300 for the amp. I still need to build the crossover and speaker box.

    So I would like as high fidelity as possible on my budget.

    Does this help? Do you have suggestions for a better Midrange woofer?

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    I would go with Madisound if I were you unless you have the equipment to measure the drivers and have an extensive knowledge in speaker design. WAY too many factors involved in crossover design.
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