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Thread: What are the best movie scenes to test and show-off sub-woofers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharp 1080 View Post
    1. There was a build thread detailing the subwoofer in the video. One way to go if you are building a dedicated room. I cannot remember which forum it was on.
    2. I would love to build a dedicated room with Seaton subs to replace my JL Audio F113's.

    Another great scene to show off your subs is: The Server Room (Computer Center lab) scene (Part 2) from the movie Pulse (2006).
    * Best on Blu-ray (also avail on DVD)...roughly from 1:12:00 to 1:14:00

    * Bonus:
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    Quote Originally Posted by 16hz lover View Post
    The TRW-17's specified frequency range is 1 to 30Hz (4dB) with a maximum acoustic output greater than 115dB SPL from 1 to 20Hz. As a result, a conventional sub is required to fill in from there to the point at which the main speakers take over, which is typically 80Hz or so.

    Requires a room or very large box as an enclosure, and is limited to 115db, 13K dollars. Cool design though.
    Nice, but that one in the video was a DIY version based on the same principle.

    The info about using a manifold for for damping the sound off the blades and using the room is intriguing though, it's like the extreme end of using open-baffles where the room is put to good use.
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