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Thread: Arc and Power Cables

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    Quote Originally Posted by newmill View Post
    Anyone have a lot of success with power cables on their ARC gear. Currently I have a Cardas Golden power cable on my Ref 75 SE. Thanks in advance for any replies.
    Am currently auditioning Synergistic Research Tesla Precision power cables w/ my REF 610T and they're way much better than the stock power cord that came w/ the amp . It looks fancy but they gave an improvement in the overall sound of the system .

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    I'm using Furutech FP-S55N with Furutech NCF connectors on my REF 250. It replaced Shunyata Alpha HC and at one point, had a full loom of Shunyata of Sigma and Alpha but didn't like the HOUSE sound.

    All my high price Shunyata, High Fidelity, HiDiamond ... PCs are replaced with bulk cables + NCF connectors except for 2 Core Power Technology Equi=Core 300 and better sound.

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    I have used Sain and Nordost. IMHO there is nothing like using an Odin to any ARC amp. Sain's are an excellent alternative but I was floored when Carl from NOLA lent me his Odin V1 for a test with my then REF75. I'm now using the GS150 and would love to try the new ODIN V2 or for that matter the Valhalla V2. All my other cabling are Valhalla V2. Just my opinion but bang for the $ is on the amp.

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    Quick update. I now have the 20 amp Alpha HC power cable connected to my Ref75 SE, and an Alpha analogue connected to my LS27 pre. The Black Mamba is now powering the media player, and the JPS Labs Digital power cable is on the DAC. This seems to be a very pleasing upgrade for my system, but when I added the Furutech receptacles, I was shocked to find even more improvement. Thank you to everyone that added their opinions and experiences. This is what helped me find the Shunyata brand, and, what I believe to be a great synergy. I am now debating whether an upgrade to the Ref5 SE preamp is my next upgrade. This may be hard on the wallet, but might be worth it in the continuing quest for audio excellence. Any thoughts on this upgrade would be greatly appreciated.

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    A good friend changed out my chassis iec to the Furutech ncf 09 ( 15 amp) on my Anni 40. I am VERY happy with the Triode Wire Labs Obsession power cord feeding it. The new Obsession has the Furutech 50 NCF ends and I have all Furutech NCF wall receptacles. I'm guessing that NCF Rhodium connecting to NCF Rhodium connections adds a little to the cohesiveness of the sound.

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    I have read somewhere that arc uses shunyata power cords to voice their products and that explains the synergy between shunyata and arc.
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