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Thread: Our Donate Tab Is Now Active

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    In response from our server host, most of the avatars have been restored. Somehow in installing the new PayPal add on the problem with the avatars started. They are telling me that they see the avatars in everyone's database but for whatever reason they aren't installed.

    They have asked those members whose avatars aren't showing to try installing them again.

    They have checked permissions for every user group and everything is in order but they are uncertain as to why the avatars aren't loading

    If there are still problems please PM me so that I can communicate these problems with our server host
    Steve Williams
    aka oneobgyn
    There's ALWAYS another Steve Williams BUT there's only "oneobgyn"
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    Dealer Lamm Electronics
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    Thank you very much to those of you who made a donation to WBF. We really appreciate it!

    It is gratifying to know that WBF is important enough to many of you to help support the website financially! I feel the same way!
    Mono and Stereo - Senior Contributing Reviewer

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