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Thread: In search of my last great loudspeaker

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    If you buy a higher line up wilson you can adjust the freq response via resistors and unit angle adjustment.
    prefrably working hand in hand with Industrial measuring tools not an i Phone or something , i doubt that those cheap things would be very accurate

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    You drove TWO respected restorers to beyond the limits of their patience? Why?

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    TaLKING TO ME , lol ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchdoctor View Post
    You drove TWO respected restorers to beyond the limits of their patience? Why?
    Red herring in the discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzo75 View Post
    Red herring in the discussion
    I would say.

    "For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."
    —Carl Sagan
    "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."
    — E. F. Schumacher
    (mis-attributed to A. Einstein)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveyF View Post
    Yes, you are right Steve. I just noticed that. Although Marty was talking about the Aida's--which threw me off. Nonetheless, I would still suggest the less expensive Sonja 1.1's and then as funds allow upgrade to the 1.2's and lastly the 1.3's. Although with Marty's Gotham V3's he may not need to get that extra bass module.
    I'm a recent YG Carmel 2 owner and compared every speaker at and or below their price range. My speaker quest took me about a year as this was a huge purchase and commitment for me. My final two selections came down to I wanted a 2 way and a sealed cabinet. I felt the bass on a sealed speaker was so much more realistic.

    Nevertheless I went with YG over Magico S1mk2 because Yoav Geva the designer I feel is beyond anyone in the industry with his technology. While other brands use "Exotic" Materials for their drivers I felt his proprietary crossover algorithm in which he wrote is the "Key" and Secret sauce if you will which put his speakers beyond his competitors.

    His speakers are correct in both the time and frequency domain. No other manufacturer regardless of price has this technology or some of his others as well.


    The proof is in the listening as his products have the most incredible and natural sound I've ever heard. Since you are in NJ you should give Bill Parish a call at GTT Audio if you haven't made up your decision yet.

    The current YG line warrants a listen if you shopping in this range of products.

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    What a great post, Marty - thank you for sharing and articulating your thoughts. I also believe that if the frequency response isn't right to begin with, nothing is going to fix that (and that has been my experience).

    I look forward to your next post!
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    Marty - I used to use an iPhone to read frequency response.

    What you are seeing via your iPhone measurements and those you will see using a proper dedicated calibrated microphone are a world apart.

    You have no idea of the true response until you get a proper mic, and download the supplied calibration tables.

    How do I know this? Because I bought a decent calibrated test mic, and applied the calibration table to it.

    I have spent a lot of time developing a custom built Duetta and measuring them. I know. Trust me. What you see via an iPhone is complete BS.

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    A quick count of the resolution of an i Phone is that it cuts the 20hz - 20 kHz range into around 60 measuring points , 30 of them being under 550 hz, this is a very poor/ rough measurement , and taking conclusions on that is doubtfull imo , it gives only a rough impression

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    I am not surprised Henk and Rich lost patience with a man using an iPhone as his reference...

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