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Thread: Gentle Giant or Shostakovich?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elescher View Post
    From a music standpoint I think Phil Collins would have been better off sticking with Brand X.
    Always said he was a much better drummer than he ever was a singer, still do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elescher View Post
    Don't get me wrong, I still listen/like both. My point is that at age 15 I didn't even know classical music existed, let alone Shostakovich. I just find it appauling that the whole Gentle Giant sound was IMO copied from him. Some of their songs are right out plagiarism.

    I am a huge GG fan (and prog rock in general), and a equal fan of classical (almost exclusively 20th century and contemporary). But I am not a Shostakovich fan, however, and everything I've heard from him I do not relate to GG. I will listen to the clips of Shostakovich in the thread a bit later, to see if I can hear the similarities.

    I am happy I don't have to chose between any of the various genres I listen to.

    And with the abundance of new high quality prog (no, prog did not die in the late 70's), and a seemingly endless supply of 20th century and contemporary classical, I have a hard time keeping up with all the great music available. I guess that is what is known as a "first world problem".

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