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Thread: Acoustic Frontiers presents "The Bass Optimization eBook"

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    Great e-book. I’m interested in set-up for a single listening position for stereo music. My reading of the e-book suggest that the recommendation for this situation is that a) sub-woofers are most often needed to get full range reproduction and b) just two subwoofers are needed (as we’re just optimising one location). All this makes sense. The interesting part is the recommendation in the section on signal processing to high-pass the main speakers at 80Hz to avoid “unpredictable behaviour”. Is this a reference to the L / R signals vs. the mono signal of the sub-woofers? And, if so, then is there something clever that those of us with JRiver can do via high-pass the main speakers and then adding back a <80Hz mono signal to both stereo speakers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyal Mellor View Post
    Please have a read of my first eBook! It's about optimizing bass, and covers a number of areas including room construction, acoustic treatment, multiple subwoofers and equalization. It's not intended to be a super technical and definitive "manual", more a high level overview of the things that are in my opinion important. With the framework I present in the eBook, you'll be able to identify and research things in more detail to help you get killer bass!

    Let me know what you think

    You can download it by clicking through to this page: THE ACOUSTIC FRONTIERS GUIDE TO BASS OPTIMIZATION.
    Thanks Nyal!!!!!!

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    Rationale for high-pass the main speakers?

    @Nyal - I'm interested in the rationale for the general recommendation to high-pass the main speakers (given the context of the Geddes model in which the mains are run full range). Is it that with identical mono subwoofer sources it's much simpler to avoid phase / time issues (as main speakers will add stereo + different phase delay)? And what about the idea of using DSP to use (capable) main speakers to produce mono?

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