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Thread: A Very Special Announcement

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    Post A Very Special Announcement

    It is with great pleasure that I would like to make the following announcement.

    As of today fellow member Ron Resnick has assumed ownership of Amir's portion of Whats Best Forum and will become an equal and co owner with me in the running of Whats Best Forum. Ron and I have been close friends for the past several years and we have found that we share the same passion in this hobby of audio and all things related. From this came discussions between Ron and I in the assumption of forum Co-owner

    Most of you know Ron for his amazing abilities in reviewing speakers as well as his intense search this past year for his perfect set of speakers that will occupy center position in his new sound room which is under construction. Over the past few years Ron has been prolific in posting many wonderful threads that have remained great topics for discussion. He is the consummate gentlemen in his involvement here at WBF and for that reason I felt Ron would be excellent in his new position.We will have some very exciting plans that we will gradually unveil over the next few months so please stay tuned.

    Ron and I will both serve as forum Administrators. I will continue to serve as the Managing Member of the forum.

    Ron and I would like to thank Amir for his initial involvement in the set up of WBF and for the work that he has contributed. Amir will remain here as a Registered Member just like everyone else and will contribute to the forum as he so chooses going forward.

    So once again please welcome my very good friend Ron Resnick to the position of Co-owner of WBF and in the position of Administrator. Lee (RBFC) and Tom (treitz3) will continue to serve as our moderators.

    I would like to invite members to contact either Ron or myself should you have any suggestions to grow the forum. It is our goal to continue to make WBF the most successful audio forum on the internet.
    Steve Williams
    aka oneobgyn
    There's ALWAYS another Steve Williams BUT there's only "oneobgyn"
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    Dealer Lamm Electronics
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    [Industry Expert]/Member Sponsor Addicted to Best!
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    Congratulations Ron and I wish you and Steve a long and healthy partnership!

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    great news!

    congrats Ron. I think you and Steve will make a great team and WBF is in excellent hands going forward.

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    Ah Great news and indeed Kudos and Congrats to Ron --his contributions and writings are/will be most welcome.

    Top gongs to the "Dealmaker" for this


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    Congrats Ron, did you buy his measurement kit as well? You will now have to run the measurement forum

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    Congrats .. excellent choice of partners.. both of you guys are as passionate as it comes.
    Roon/Tidal ..Squeezebox touch . Trinnov ST2 room correction...Twin Devialet D Premier amps , Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirits .. fully treated room

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    Thank you very much, Steve, for your gracious announcement and for your very kind words!

    It has been wonderful to get to know many of the WBF members, both on the forum and, even more fun, in person. One of the great joys of this hobby is to meet on the forum people who share a passion for music, sound and audio equipment, and then to develop friendships which last a lifetime.

    I am grateful to have developed a close friendship with Steve. Steve is as passionate about his love of music and of audio as anyone I have ever met. As many of you know Steve also is one of the warmest and friendliest people you could ever hope to meet in this hobby.

    I am very excited to be Steve’s new partner in WBF! I look forward to helping to build on the success Steve and Amir have already achieved with WBF, and to continuing to make WBF the most successful and widely-respected audio forum on the internet.
    Mono and Stereo - Senior Contributing Reviewer

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    Congratulations Ron...looking forward to reading more your posts!

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    Great stuff gentlemen, this seems like an excellent partnership. Congratulations, Ron!
    Wadia 581SE - Mark Levinson 432 - Sonus Faber Elipsa Red (SE) - GIK Acoustic panels - Kubala-Sosna cables - Finite Elemente Levelplus rack

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    I think this is a very positive direction. Ron is awfully popular right now, I hope between here and M&S we don't wear him out!

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