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Thread: Gryphon Audio Kodo Loudspeaker Debut

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    Gryphon Audio Kodo Loudspeaker Debut

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    Flemming Rasmussen and Rune Skov, Gryphon Audio's very friendly, warm and knowledgeable Sales Manager, Europe, introduced last Friday at Munich High End Gryphon's new flagship loudspeaker, the Kodo. The Kodo is a four-column system, with each column almost eight feet tall.

    Each Kodo woofer tower contains eight custom-designed 8" drivers and a built-in Gryphon Class AB power amplifier capable of 1,000 watts continuous output.

    As with the woofer tower amplifiers on the Pendragon, there are controls on the woofer tower amplifiers on the Kodo to integrate the woofer towers in the listening room.

    The midrange/treble tower consists of six mid-bass drivers, four midrange drivers and an air motion transformer tweeter in an M-T-M configuration. The midrange/treble tower has a sensitivity of 96 dB.

    Rune played a drum track which allowed the Kodo to display stunning low frequency power and dynamics. A vocal track sounded very realistic and life-like.

    I believe the price for the system is 220,000.
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    I knew that this wouldn't escape your attention, considering how the Pendragon endeared itself to you!

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