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Thread: Air Force 1 Premium - New Flagship

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    Will surely ask for you Matt. Where are you by the way, in case the rollout of the upgrade programs will be staggered across regions?

    I am based in Hong Kong at the moment. A while ago I asked forthwise to check (um... A few times hehe) and I haven't checked recently. I happen to have the titanium upper platter and I think the tungsten weight will probably be the perfect match....


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    Ah Hong Kong, you should be at the very top of the list along with Singapore. The three companies have been very close for many, many years from the Cello days. I'll ask anyway
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    Had the Premium set up with my existing titanium platter last night. Only had a brief listen but the improvements are obvious. On a high level things are little changed, but the sound is more delicate, more nuanced, and more dynamic. Ultimately, it sounded organic. The more I listened, the more satisfied that I made the right choice. To be honest, I was expecting the combined new functions and sound quality upgrade may justified the cost, but now I think the sound quality alone is worth the upgrade.

    Highly recommended.
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