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Thread: The home of Anubis.

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    I also have worked with my Cinema reciver. This was more difficult since i have to be working with Audessy, crossover on the front and subs. Så hooked up a minidsp 2x4 for the subs.

    After a few hours I finaly settled on this.

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    Crossover is set to 80hz in audessy. And i have set a steep highpass filter on the smaleste sub at 21hz.

    I migth have set the spl on the subs a little high. So not quite done yet. Sound good on 2 channel when using the Cinema reciver as preamplifier for music. Better than before. So have hope for the Cinema sound also.

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    Been watching some movies and it didn't sound quite right for some reason. So I started over again. My system is hooked up for 2 channel and Cinema sound. The heart is the Marantz Pm11s3.

    Cinema is hooked up this way.
    Bluray player - hdmi to marantz sr7010 - preout L+R+C+2atmos channels. L+R to marantz pm11s3. C+atmos to Rotel RB 993. The marantz sr7010 Powers the surround, surround back and the second pair of atmos speakers. LFE out to minidsp 2x4 then to my two svs subs

    The 2 channel system is hooked up like this.
    Computer with Jriver mediasenter usb to my Nuprime Dac 10 xlr to the marantz pm11s3. Speaker output A to speakers. Speaker output B to the highlevel input of the svs subs.

    This way to change from 2 channel to Cinema modus is a touch of two buttons on the pm11s3.

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    Well started this post above here with some Word that I didn't quite like the sound from my movies. The tactile bass was gone. Thougth maybe this was due to the removal of the stadig waves i had before.

    For music it sounden very good. So I just had to calibrate this again.

    So started with the subs. One in right front corner and one in left back corner.
    Playes Pink noise from 15hz to 200Hz and turned off all prosessing in the sr1070. And unhooked the speakers. Then i used RTA in rew to adjust the delay of the sub furthest away from me to get the highest spl level. The subs was set at 75hz each, together i got 80.4db.

    Checked also with sinewaves from 20hz to 110hz with 5hz interval. Had +4.7db to 5,6db wich is really good result.

    After I settled with the minidsp 2x4, I did Audessy XT32 do its work. Checked with rew that all was ok, and did some adjustments. In my room audessy struggles with the subs. The level is set to low, and it makes a bump i the respons half an octave down from the crossover point. Wich I found to be best at 90hz.

    Got this fixed and sat down to wach some of my referance bluray disse.

    Transformers age of Extinction is always the first. The sceen in the start of the movie, where the dinosaurs are running and the transformer presses the Blue button. That should be felt in your body.

    For gods allnighty I have never ever felt anything like this before. I screemed out! The bass is fantastic now. But maybe a bit high. So migth be setting it lover a few db. Maybe....

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    Here are the results of the last messurments.

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    This is the waterfall of the Cinema, audessy reference

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    This is the waterfall of the 2 channel setup.

    Name:  impulse 2 kanaler.jpg
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    The impulse plot. Can you see me?

    Name:  impulse audeesy flat og 2kanaer.jpg
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    And the impulse plot of the Cinema, audessy reference VS 2 channel setup.
    The Cinema (audessy) add about 10db of reverb. It sounds very different

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    Some days now since the last post. Have been enjoing the sound from my system. This sound really good. Since I use playback from Jriver i have made two presets. One for heavy metal with a little more bass and one for the rest of my music. With a flatter response. If works really well.

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    Im also working on getting the impulse respons better. I want the impulsees at 10-15ms a bit lower. While still having the music room looking like a room. And not a studio. Not Easy, but have some ideas. .

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    Have had many days now working on touching up the room. Got it quite ok with minimum of money spent.
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    Currently working on absorbers for the floor. The rund carprsts is only for show. Does absolutely nothing soundwise.

    Really enjoing the sound I have now. Is sound Musical, not hifi. and the movie sound is great. Should really bought a bigger subwoofer. The small One cant keep up with the bigger one. It ok too about -7 on the volume control bur then it starts to struggle.

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