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Thread: The home of Anubis.

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    Im trying to get the hump at 45hz down a few db. Not easy, but have a plan.. The hump at 120hz isn't a problem. But would like to get it down.

    The next thing in will be an Dspeaker antimode Dualcore. Hopefully that will smoothen out the bass a wee bit.

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    I would use DIRAC rather than the antimode 2 .. I have used both and imo DIRAC is a better solution...
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    Will go for DIRAC if the antimode false. I only need corrections below 140hz. So im hoping the antimode does the trix

    Any Dirac Box you would recomend? I use cd and vinyl records.

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    Well, the Antimode does a good Job Smoothing out the respons. Here its used from 200hz and down.
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    Been a while since the last update here. Have been listening to mutch music and sees quite a few movies. Feel like the road has ended, because I dont use mutch time reading about New speakers, amplifiers an so on. Like I used to. Quite a strange felling for me that, im happy with my system and now use the system for what it's supposed. Music and movies.

    Have had a pair of GoldenEar Triton One for a test. Really a good speaker. But my Triangle and my sub system, the subs had the same price alone as the Triton, sounds to my ears better.
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    Triton One and Triangle Genese Quartet LE.

    But Triangle alone VS Triton One is another thing. I love bass, and with the Triton One I would be very happy. Those speakers go all the way down, has a fantastic midrange and a really good top. I really liked the speakers. And I feel like they are a really good speaker.

    So whats been going on. Well have converted to Cinema sound as the most impotent and 2 channel as nr two. Dont know why, but this works for me.
    Who would have thought that a year ago...

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