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Thread: Brief Visit With MartinLogan Neoliths

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzo75 View Post
    I would assume Renaissance is better but it wasn't sounding that way on Friday, KJ explained woofer driver wasn't burned in and their second room is small as well so it wasn't an ideal room. All electronics were SS and IMO stats need a valve in the chain.
    Thanks. I wonder if it's that much better - or just bigger sounding? I liked my Summits very much, but felt a bigger panel to fill my room would've helped a great deal.

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    By way of a postscript to my previous considerations regarding the amplification employed to drive the Neoliths At the event.
    KJ themselves were somewhat "unsure" as to the choice on the day and were not entirely convinced that the Neoliths had been allowed to fully demonstrate their true capabilities, as they had heard for themselves upon first arrival with another brand of amplification.

    As they had custody of the Neoliths for another day, Seve organised an impromptu in store amp-off, during the course of the following Monday.
    I was not present myself, however I was not in the slightest suprised to be told that substituting a Valve amplifier brought about an additional degree of natural harmonic tonality and texture in the mids and upper registers that I thought missing on the day, the transducers now producing an entirely more organic rendition of the same tracks and medium employed at the event itself.

    The most convincing and impressive replay via SS amplification resulted from D'Agostino Momentum amplification, in concert with with the same ARC valve pre as utilized during the event.

    An opportunity missed methinks!

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