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Thread: Neat trick to facilitate Ultrasonic cleaning

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    Been using & selling ultrasonic cleaners for a while now, they're good and convenient but do have some issues that made me go back to my old Keith Monks machine. The thing that bothers me most is washing the records in dirty & dirtier water. Sometimes I have to clean LPs with with fungus on them or a lot of dirt I can see stuff floating in the bath so I have no choice but to empty and replace the liquid with every wash. There has been some sonic issues with one of the ultrasonic cleaners in some cases I noticed a roll off of high frequencies as have several friends & customers. All this made me dig out my old professional Keith Monks machine that I've owned since the 90's, using it again reminded me why it was the best out there for decades. My only problem with that machine was the size so I contacted Jon Monks at KM and he told me about their new product line which is more compact and quieter than ever before. New for 2017 are even more compact units, had one in our suite at CES which we used with great results. I was most impressed with the new Discovery RC machine with it's new turntable platter & motor, same high quality build as before but more compact. KM machines eliminate all the problems mentioned above and it's a one step cleaning with clear new bath.

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    Disclaimer- In case you missed it below I am a Keith Monks dealer but I wouldn't carry or write about KM if the product as well as their service wasn't first class!
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