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Just as a sanity check, i put in one Mullard (Left Channel) and one stock Phillips (Right Channel). Infinite repeat of various passages where Left and Right seem to carry the same signal. No question now...for me and in my system...the Mullard adds the right amount of additional tonal depth and 'power' behind guitar strings that bring greater realism to the presentation. There is no question that at first listen, one might sense detail/air around the Philips...but upon closer listening the detail is comparable, but the Mullard 'weight' in the tones/notes is very very critical (to me) in ensuring that presentation has the 'weight' and impact of live. The Philips is incredibly nimble and really gives the overall presentation of clarity/transparency...but in the final analysis (to me and in my system) is just a shade 'lite' in comparison with the NOS Mullards.
Just as a further sanity check since every room is different (and not necessarily symmetrical)...i put 1 Philips in the LEFT channel this time and 1 Mullard in RIGHT. Same conclusion after playing several test tracks. The weight of the Mullard on piano keys is 'right' for me in my system (as it has been set up over the last 2 years)...may not work for other fellow CJ GAT 2 owners...but as Jacob Heilbrunn suggested in his review of the CJ GAT 2 a few days ago, judicious tube rolling can be well worth it.


"Although Iíve mentioned the capacity of the GAT to play at loud SPLs, blasting you out of the room has never been at the heart of the CJ sound. On the contrary, what most riveted me was the GATís ability to seduce you. Itís the English gentleman of preampsóunobtrusive, unflappable, and unerring. The lack of grain, the clarity of sound, and the punctiliousness of reproduction are beguiling indeed. Iíd imagine that if you have the patience, itís possible to push the GAT even further with some judicious tube rolling. So if youíve been hopscotching among different preamps over the years, this is the one that might do than more than tug at your heartstrings. It might even win your undying loyalty."