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Thread: installing 7 Furutech GTX-D NFC (R) outlets this morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzhead View Post
    What's the retail on the booster please ?
    Oops, it's $350.

    Here's a Brochure:

    And a Manual:
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    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
    NCF booster:

    I have not tried it out yet but expect the results to exceed my expectations if it's anything like the rest of the NCF parts.

    Furutech also has a new, very advanced power cable that competes with cables at any price when terminated with NCF plugs. It's $450/m so not cheap but much less than many other high end PCs. I am offering the best deal out there on terminated DPS-4 cables...
    Nice..about time someone offers a top notch PC for a reasonable price.

    System Gear

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